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Theological Foundations: The Glorious Trinity

How familiar are you with the Trinity? I'm not asking whether you believe that God is Triune. I'm asking how often you ponder and delight in the reality that your Creator and Savior is One God in three Persons. For many of us, the doctrine of the Trinity appears too lofty and complex for us to engage. We believe it, but we've never sought to think carefully through the the...

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How to Pray for Your Pastor

You may not know it, but your pastor is a desperate man. He has been tasked by God to shepherd Christ's sheep with wisdom, courage, and tenderness, yet he often feels his own inadequacy, timidity, and tendency toward frustration. He is responsible to care for the souls of his people by way of preaching, teaching, and counseling, a task that often includes correcting and re...

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Different Facilities, Same GBF

This article first appeared in our church newsletterGraceNotes shortly after GBF moved back to Sunnyvale from a temporary facility in Mountain View. Where do you go to church? It's one of the most common and almost necessary ice-breaking questions that Christians ask each other. For the record, I ask this questionin this form quite frequently. But it's for colloquial pur...

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