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Review of Why the Reformation Still Matters

Five hundred years ago this October 31st, a young Augustinian monk, disturbed about the Roman Catholic Church's many pastoral abuses and doctrinal aberrations, nailed to a church door in Wittenberg, Germany, a list of topics he wanted to debate with the local religious authorities. Although he didn't realize it at the time, Martin Luther's "95 Theses" would serve as the ca...

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The Pastor's Study | God's Answer to the Problem of Evil

The greatest act of evil in the history of the world was used by God to accomplish the greatest good ever achieved. In fact, God was overseeing the most egregious act of injustice known to man. God planned it in eternity past, He predicted it in the Old Testament, He orchestrated all the events leading up to it in the New Testament, and He carried out its execution to the ...

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Testimonies of Grace: Patricia Biehn

Losing a loved one is perhaps the most difficult trial a human being can face. The grieving process that follows the loss of a beloved spouse, child, or friend is often a long and treacherous road, even for the believer. But the beauty of knowing the Creator of the universe is knowing the hope that is found in His sovereignty, His compassion, and His perfect will and glori...

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Engage | Should Christians Use Marijuana?

In 1978 the Encyclopedia Americana declared, "in the United States no hemp [cannabis] products are recognized as having medicinal qualities or have official standing as drugs.... Possession of any portion of the hemp plant or any of its products...without a federal permit is illegal in the United States" (vol. 14, p. 87). My, how things have drastically changed and in such...

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