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The Biblical Basis for the GBF Fellowship Meal

Day by day continuing with one mind in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, they were taking their meals together with gladness and sincerity of heart - Acts 2:46 Sharing meals is as ancient a communal practice as any other in human historya sociological hallmark embedded in the fabric of just about every culture that exists on our planet. Generally speakin...

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Different Facilities, Same GBF

This article first appeared in our church newsletterGraceNotes shortly after GBF moved back to Sunnyvale from a temporary facility in Mountain View. Where do you go to church? It's one of the most common and almost necessary ice-breaking questions that Christians ask each other. For the record, I ask this questionin this form quite frequently. But it's for colloquial pur...

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Finding Christian Fellowship at Stanford University

Praise God for Christian fellowship! Of all the concerns I carried into my first year of collegiate study, how the university and its attendees would greet my faith particularly weighed on me. Is college as liberal as I had heard? Is campus a hostile environment for the Christian student? As a member of an athletics team, what would they think of me as a Christian? Would I...

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Engage | Contemporary Church Culture and the Future of Grace Bible Fellowship

The Church is precious. She is precious because she is the Bride of Christ, redeemed by His blood and purified by his Word. When we speak of "the Church," we are usually speaking of the "universal Church"a designation that transcends space and time and includes all true believers from Pentecost onward. Or, we might talk about "the Church in America," or "the Church during ...

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The Value of the Local Church

Growing Up in Christian CultureGrowing up in a solid, Bible-teaching church while attending a connected Christian elementary school, I was immersed in Christianity at an early age. I made a childhood profession of faith and saw God at work in seasons of my life, yet as time progressed, it was evident that I had not given up every aspect of my life to the Lord (Luke 9:23). ...

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