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About Christ to India Christ to India (CTI) is a network of Christian churches launched out of the evangelizing work of Grace Bible Church India (GBCI). GBCI, established in 1953, is located in Tenali, a medium-sized city of approximately 165,000 people in southeastern India, in the state of Andhra Pradesh. This region of India is estimated to be approximately 91% Hindu, 7% Muslim and 1% Christian. As GBCI began to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with their Hindu and Muslim neighbors, many small churches were established in villages and rural areas in and around Tenali. As these churches grew they began meeting the needs of their new Christian brothers and sisters including seen ministries to orphans, widows, lepers.

The pastors in this region who often make less than a dollar a week from offerings struggle to provide for their families on a regular basis. It is common for them to forgo meals to provide for their families. The pastors walk on foot to and from their churches -- which are typically small, thatched roof huts.

Poverty and suffering are also a large part of these pastors’ personal lives as the current government attempts to turn India into an entirely Hindu nation and persecution abounds from both the people and the State. Both the pastors and their children face hostility and discrimination on a regular basis because of their faith. The funding from Christ to India helps to alleviate the financial hardship which these pastors face.

Grace Bible Fellowship Support of Christ to India
Grace Bible Fellowship of Silicon Valley has partnered with CTI in response to theIndia Map call for the church to help our brothers and sisters in Christ all around the world, partnering with and supporting churches beyond our local assembly (2 Corinthians 8-9). This partnership’s focus is on pastoral training and financial support of CTI’s pastors and the ministries of their churches.

Pastoral Training
Grace Bible Fellowship works with CTI’s ongoing training to the approximately 100+ pastors in CTI’s ministry – pastors who have little to no study resources and no formal training. Since 2015, Pastor Cliff has taught pastoral classes through Skype. And, since 2016, Grace Bible Fellowship has been apart of CTI’ Pastor’s Conference in Tenali for these pastors, covering the cost of training materials, accommodations, food and travel of all participating pastors. Each year, the number of pastors attending this conference has grown.

Financial Support
In 2015, Grace Bible Fellowship purchased a washer and refrigerator for one of the Christ to India orphanages, a ministry vehicle, and funded the purchase of land for and construction of a widow's home.

In 2016, Grace Bible Fellowship with other CTI donors funded the purchase of land and construction of an orphanage for 30-40 children, replacing their single-room, thatched hut with a fully-constructed home with proper sleeping quarters, living space and kitchen.

‚ÄčIn 2017, Grace Bible Fellowship with other CTI donors helped to fund the purchase of land and the beginning of construction of a home for 40+ elderly men and women who have been living at their pastor's house under a covered patio. In addition, water wells were dug and installed in two remote village churches where previously the villagers had to travel 2+ miles to get clean water. Two scooters were provided to pastors responsible for multiple churches located miles apart. Finally, Grace Bible Fellowship with other CTI donors funded the travel of Christ to India’s ministry leaders to the United States for two trips: one to attend the Shepherd’s Conference and another to visit a few U.S. Bible colleges and seminaries as Christ to India prays for a young native Indian man to be seminary-trained.

In addition to these one-time expenditures, Grace Bible Fellowship helps with monthly funds sent to Christ to India to support the ongoing financial needs of the pastors, widows, orphans, elderly and lepers. These funds cover such things as food, clothing, and medicine, education for the children, utilities, and maintenance of vehicles.

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