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Grace Campus Ministries (GCM) is the Stanford undergraduate and graduate ministry of Grace Bible Fellowship (Sunnyvale, CA). We exist to joyfully obey the Great Commission and make disciples of all nations (Matt 28:18-20). 

We meet on Stanford's Campus in Room 370-370 on Tuesdays from 7:00pm-8:30pm (see map here). 

Contact: Derek Brown (

Colleges are an exciting place for discipleship because the nations are coming to us! Many students from all over the world are traveling far from their homeland to attend American universities, and we want to steward this opportunity well. 

We seek to fulfill our call to make disciples in the following five ways.

Equipping Students with the Scripture (Eph 4:12; 2 Tim 3:16-17)
We believe the most important component of our ministry to Christian college students is to equip them with God’s Word so that they might thrive spiritually during their time at Stanford. We accomplish this goal in primarily two ways. 

  • Weekly Large Group Bible Study – Our large group Bible study meets once a week for a time a fellowship, worship, and Bible study. This year we will make our trek through a series prepared by Dr. Derek Brown called Digging Deep and Finding Glory: A Study of Christian Theology. In this series we will study central doctrines of the Christian faith, like the doctrine of God’s providence, the Person of Christ, justification by faith, sanctification, and many others.
  • Weekly Small Group Discipleship – We also provide weekly small groups for men and women. These small groups enable students to build deeper relationships with each other, grow spiritually, and find accountability to aid them in their walk with Christ. 

Training Leaders for Christian Service (1 Tim 2:2)
We also desire to train leaders to Christian service. Although you are not at college to become a pastor or missionary, it is still vital for you to consider ways you can grow in your ability to lead well and serve others as a Christian. We train leaders by:

  • Providing Opportunities for Ministry – Within GCM there are many places to serve your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, as well as unbelievers. Large group and social event facilitation, helping at outreach events, organizing weekly dinners are just a few areas where you can serve. 
  • Providing Opportunities for GCM Leadership – There are also places for you to grow in leadership. Each year we select three officers to help oversee the ministry. We also have positions open for worship leadership.

Cultivating Fellowship Among Believers (Acts 2:42)
Along with equipping and training students, we also desire students to enjoy encouraging fellowship with each other. We promote genuine fellowship by

  • Organizing Weekly Dinners with Fellow GCM Students – Once a week a GCM student organizes a dinner on campus for all other GCM members. These are good times of informal fellowship.
  • Monthly Fellowship Events – We also enjoy regular fellowship events like hikes, seasonal parties, and, this year, a retreat in the Santa Cruz Mountains. 
  • Regular Fellowship at Grace Bible Fellowship – Because one of our distinctives is prioritizing the local church (see below) we also provide many regular fellowship opportunities at Grace Bible Fellowship. At these events you have the opportunity to meet and develop relationships with Christians older and younger than you. This practice is good for your faith (see Titus 2:2-6).

Reaching Stanford Students with the Gospel (Matt 28:18-20; Rom 10:1; 1 Pet 2:9)One of the most important aspects of our ministry is our commitment to reach Stanford students with the gospel. We accomplish this by facilitating: 

  • Monthly On-Campus Outreach Activities – Last year we regularly hosted an outreach table in White Plaza—the outdoor “free speech” area on campus. We handed out free snacks, gospel booklets, and talked to many people about Jesus Christ and the good news of salvation.
  • Quarterly Large-Group Outreach Events – We also hosted two large-group outreach events. For these events we invited Stanford students to come hear about Christianity and the truth of the Bible. Our first event was “Seven Myths and Misconceptions about Christianity;” our second was called “God’s Glorious Story.” At both of these events we provided food, conducted a 30-40 minute presentation, then fielded questions for another 30-40 minutes. These outreach events led to many gospel discussions with unbelieving students.

Prioritizing the Local Church (Matt 16:18; Eph 1:22)
Finally, GCM prioritizes the local church. Scripture teaches that Jesus Christ came to establish and build his church (Matt 16:18), an institution that is expressed in local congregations. This means that the most important organization in the world is the local church. GCM is a ministry of the local church, and we believe that it is best for their long-term spiritual health to make the local church (not the campus ministry) a priority during college. We help students prioritize the local church by providing:  

  • Providing Weekly Rides to Church – Each week we send an email to students so that they can sign up for a ride to church. These rides are provided by Grace Bible Fellowship members and take students from Stanford to church and back to Stanford after the service. 
  • Ministry Oversight by a Local Pastor – GCM is overseen by Dr. Derek Brown, a pastor at Grace Bible Fellowship in Sunnyvale, CA. As a pastor, Dr. Brown’s primary concern is the spiritual well-being and growth of GCM students. Dr. Brown is the primary teacher at GCM large group Bible studies, and meets regularly with students for counsel and discipleship.

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